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Personal Days

For employees of the following employer groups:

Ave Maria Communications, Ave Maria Fine Art Gallery, Domino's Farms Corporation, Domino's Petting Farm, Legatus, The Ave Maria Foundation, & Thomas More Law Center

Your Employer makes paid personal days available to all eligible employees for use as sick or personal time.   Eligible employee classification(s):   

 * Regular full-time employees 
Each January 1, all eligible employees will receive five (5) personal days per year that can be used as personal or sick time. The number of days available to a new employee is prorated based on the hire date and the following schedule: 
            * January - February (5) 
            * March - April (4)  
            * May - June (3)  
            * July - August (2) 
            * September (1) 
            * October - December (0) 
Non-exempt employees may use paid personal time in minimum increments of a full hour.   Exempt employees must use personal time in, at least, half-day increments. Employees are eligible to use paid personal days/time after ninety days of employment.
To take a paid personal day or personal time, employees should request advance approval from their supervisors. Requests will be granted based on a number of factors, including business needs and staffing requirements.
In the event the employee is using paid personal time as sick time, the supervisor must be contacted on the day of absence.
Personal days do not rollover at year-end. 

Note: An employee whose status changes from full-time to part-time is no longer eligible for use of personal days/time and no credit or payment is given for accrued but unused days.

An employee whose status changes from part-time to full-time is eligible for use of personal/sick days or time based on the date of the status change and the schedule noted above.
If you have any questions regarding the use of these days or the proper form for reporting purposes, please contact Human Resources.