When will my new benefit selections be effective?

It varies depending on the enrollment activity as follows:

1.  Any benefits chosen in conjunction with the annual open enrollment are effective the first of the year; your benefits always coincide with a calendar year. 

2.  Benefit selections made at the time of hire are effective with your date of hire.

3.  Benefit selections made in conjunction with a life status change such as marriage, birth of a child, divorce, etc. are effective with the date of the event.

How long does it take to receive my insurance card(s)?

Medical - you will receive Plan ID card(s) from Blue Cross Blue Shield for medical and prescription drug coverage

Dental - ID cards are not distributed by Delta Dental as cards are not necessary to obtain services.

Vision - ID cards are not distributed by VSP as cards are not necessary to obtain services.

The Benny Debit card is generated through Infinisource; distribution generally occurs within 7 to 10 days.

If you wish to order more cards, please notify your HR representative with the number of additional cards needed; for medical contact Blue Cross Blue Shield (refer to back of ID card).

How often can I submit claims to my medical care reimbursement account or my dependent care reimbursement account?

For the medical care reimbursement account you can submit claims as often as needed until you reach the amount of your annual commitment*.  Based on our Plan, there is a 2 1/2 month grace period that provides for participants to use the benefits or contributions remaining unused at the end of the immediately preceding plan year.  Therefore, final submissions of claims is required by March 15, after the end of the immediately preceding plan year.  This is called the "2 and 1/2 month rule".  As for your dependent care reimbursement account, you can submit claims only if the money is in your account.

If I select the option of an enhanced plan do I need to select the option of the core plan as well?

No, you can only choose one plan.  Please remember to select the appropriate enrollment level: Single, Two Person, or Family.

Can I choose the enhanced dental plan for myself then choose the core dental for my family?

No, you are only able to choose one plan.  You can however choose the enrollment level of family on the medical plan and then choose the enrollment level of two person for your dental plan.

If I change my mind and want to make a change to my benefits, when can I make the change?

Changes to your benefits can only be made at the time of open enrollment.  However, there are life status events that allow for an employee to make changes to their elected benefits during a benefit year. You will need to contact your HR representative to assist you in the change. Here’s a general list of what qualifies as a life status change: birth; marriage; divorce; death of spouse or child; termination of employment of spouse; commencement of employment of spouse; employee or spouse change from full-time to part-time status or vice versa; or significant change in the employee’s or spouse’s health coverage attributable to the spouse’s employment.  It’s important to remember that you have a 30 days grace period from the date of a life status event to initiate the change; otherwise, you must wait until the next open enrollment period.

What do I need in order to opt out of medical and/or dental coverage?

In order to opt out of medical or dental coverage, you must provide proof of insurance through another carrier to your HR representative.  A photocopy of your current insurance card is an acceptable document.  Please remember to select the box that indicates no insurance when working through the enrollment or change process.

Who can I call to verify my benefit coverage? 

You can call your designated HR representative (contact information available on the Contacts page) or you may wish to call the number located on the back of your health plan ID card.

How do I enroll in my benefits?

All benefit enrollments are conducted on-line; the necessary links are provided in each section of benefits for your convenience.

Is my Social Security Number used as my Plan identification number?

No. you are assigned a unique identification number to preserve your identity from theft.

Is it possible to cover my fiance, or parent for whom I am responsible?

No.  Please refer to the Plan Document, for a description of eligible dependents.


If you have a question you feel would benefit others participating in the health plan, retirement plan, etc. please share it with me via e-mail:rzmuda@avemariafoundation.org and I will add it to this document.  Thank You.