About Us


Ave Maria Human Resources provides excellence in service and support to employees and employer in all areas of employment policy, procedures and practices, benefits, retirement, compensation, payroll, employee relations, and record keeping in full compliance with all state and federal regulations.  

Ave Maria Human Resources is helpful and caring and treats all employees with dignity and respect.  

Ave Maria Human Resources is knowledgeable, helpful and maintains confidentiality, trustworthiness and integrity in all situations.


At the Ave Maria Human Resources Office our team is eager to help each employee and serviced employer understand, follow and implement policy and procedures.  We are also dedicated to providing exceptional service and assistance in the following areas: policy & procedures, benefits, retirement, compensation, payroll, employee relations, and record keeping.  We provide the services noted above to the following employer groups:

Ave Maria Communications - MI

Ave Maria Fine Art Gallery - MI

Ave Maria University - FL

Domino's Farms Corporation - MI

Domino's Petting Farm - MI

Legatus - FL

Rhodora J. Donahue Academy - FL

The Ave Maria Foundation - MI

Thomas More Law Center - MI

Whether life brings a new baby or a death in the family; a spouse losing their benefits or a child getting their own benefited job, we strive to be there for you to help answer your questions and/or address your concerns.

Please contact us to submit a change to information we have on file for you.  The better the communication we can foster between employee and employer allows for a more joyful and integrated work environment.  Ave Maria Human Resources tries to foster the positive development of employee/employer relations whenever possible.  Thank you for helping us to assist you.