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Ave Maria is committed to offering employees a cost-effective and competitive employee benefits program. The benefits are reviewed annually prior to the open enrollment period and, accordingly, are subject to change.   The benefit plan renews each January 1.  The Ave Maria Employee Health Plan is designed to provide benefits to regular full-time employees (30 hours a week or greater).  The Plan provides coverage for medical, prescription drugs, dental, vision, life insurance, supplemental life insurance, dependent life insurance, Short Term Disability, Long Term Disability, and Adoption benefits. Click here to view the Ave Maria Benefits and Enrollment Guide for Year 2014.  

Medical Insurance

– Three Plan design options.  These plans are designed to help protect you from financial loss should you, or a covered family member, incur significant medical expenses.  As this is important financial protection, your employer contributes to the cost of 2 PPO Plans and 1 HMO Plan with the employee paying the difference in cost in the form of payroll deductions.  Employees with alternate health insurance may obtain waiver credit of $15.00 per pay. 

Dental Insurance

– Two Plan design options.  These plans provide coverage toward dental expenses that might be incurred by you or a covered family member; your employer pays the cost of the Core Dental Plan and the employee pays the difference between the cost of the Enhanced Dental Plan and the Core Dental Plan.  Employees may elect to opt out of Dental coverage and obtain waiver credit of $2.50 per pay. 

Vision Insurance – One Plan design. This plan provides coverage toward vision care expenses for you or a covered family member; your employer pays the cost of the Core Vision Plan and the employee pays the difference. Employees may elect to opt out of Vision coverage but no waiver credit is available.    

Life Insurance with Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) – Life insurance provides compensation to your designated beneficiaries in the event of your untimely death.  The AD&D coverage provides compensation in the event of certain very serious injuries.  Your employer believes that this is important enough to provide life insurance coverage equal to your annual salary at no cost to you.  You may buy additional life insurance coverage up to a guaranteed maximum of $200,000.Premium is based upon age and salary. Completion of an Evidence of Insurability form is required for any employee who does not select voluntary life upon 1st eligibility and/or if an increase in volume is requested during open enrollment.  See the life insurance section under benefits for additional information. 

Dependent Life Insurance

– This optional coverage provides financial compensation in the event of the untimely death of a spouse or dependent child.  Coverage is $10,000 for spouse and $5,000 for each child. Completion of an Evidence of Insurability form is required for any employee who did not enroll when first eligible

Short Term Disability Insurance

 – This coverage is often called “salary continuation” because it continues to pay you 66 2/3% of your salary (to $750/week maximum) for up to 26 weeks when you are out of work with a disability (illness or injury).  Your employer pays the cost for this coverage.  

Long Term Disability Insurance

– This coverage pays you a monthly income up to 60% of earnings to a maximum of $10,000 per month for the rest of what would be your working years if you become permanently disabled.  It begins after you have been out of work due to the same or a related Sickness or Injury for more than 26 weeks (180 Days of Disability).  Your employer pays the cost of this coverage. 

Section 125 Medical Expense and Dependent Care Expense Accounts

– These accounts allow you to set aside part of your salary before taxes for medical expense or dependent care expense thus increasing your take-home pay in the amount of your tax savings.  


–  The Adoption Plan provides assistance to all eligible employees who are building families through adoption.  This Plan provides financial assistance, adoption leave of absence and resource and referral services.  Your employer pays the cost for this coverage. 

Together, all of these plans provide important protection to you and your family; you may elect the coverage and protection most important to you.  As noted above, the company pays substantially all of the cost of Core Medical, Dental and Vision Plans, Core Life Insurance coverage, Short Term Disability, Long Term Disability and Adoption.  All of the other coverage is available for you to purchase at the group rates.
Please refer to the appropriate Plan Documents for each plan of coverage for full details and limits of the coverage as well as participation requirements.  If you have a particular question, please consult your designated Human Resources representative at Ave Maria Human Resources.
Employees must enroll in the benefit plan within (30) thirty days of their date of hire to effect coverage.  Unmarried, dependent children are covered for medical benefits until the end of the calendar year they become 26 years of age; however, please refer to the Dependent Eligibility section of the Plan Document to understand the full meaning of coverage for spouse and dependent children.