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You have an opportunity to participate in a supplemental cash benefit program that wraps around your current health care plan.  AFLAC is the world leader in voluntary benefits and through payroll deduction you can create a group-rated benefit that is pre-taxed.

AFLAC provides you the opportunity to PAY yourself in the event you have an injury or cancer; the two programs offered are: 
The Personal Cancer Indemnity Plan is designed to fill the gap of out of pocket expenses associated with a cancer experience.  Cash to help with deductibles, travel, family expenses and the extra ordinary decisions you would need to make when surviving a cancer illness.  It also has a wellness benefit that pays each family member based on which cancer protection plan you choose. Under the Premier plan the wellness benefit is $100 per family member where the Classic smear, mammogram, chest X-ray, PSA or other screening associated with cancer.  Cash back to you!     

The Personal Accident Indemnity Plan helps with those visits to the hospital, doctor or clinic for injuries or accidents to yourself or immediate family members.  Burns, fractures, dislocations, or the serious coma's, car accidents, paralyses or that back injury.  Again, cash to cover out of pocket expenses that are associated with an accident.  Your wellness benefit on the accident policy is $60 per family and can be used after the policy is one year old.  AFLAC will remind you of that benefit each year.    

These programs save you valuable tax dollars as they are deducted pre-tax.  The premium quoted at time of enrollment is the premium that remains in effect as long as you hold the policy.  This benefit belongs to you, You own it!  Even if you change jobs or retire, you can take your AFLAC policy with you, with no increase in premiums. 

Refer to the attached document for inofrmation to determine if AFLAC is right for you, please click here.   

If you wish to participate, please contact your Human Resources representative for an informational packet.  In the event you wish to enroll or make any changes to your existing supplemental coverage through AFLAC, please contact our AFLAC representative, Michele Ulrych directly at 248/334-2400.