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Vision Insurance

There is one Plan design option to choose from provided through VSP plus an opt out feature.  There are no changes to our Vision Plan for 2019.

Vision Benefits - 2019:




Vision Exam

$10.00 co-pay

Up to $45.00



$130 Allowance; 20% of the

Up to $70.00


amount over your allowance



Prescription Glasses:  $25.00 co-pay






Standard Plastic Lenses:

$25.00 co-pay


Single Vision


Up to $30.00

Lined Bifocal


Up to $50.00

Lined Trifocal


Up to $65.00

Standard Polycarboate for dependent


Up to $55.00







Lens Options:


Contact VSP if you

Standard Progressive Plastics

$55.00 co-pay

are seeing an out of

Premium Progressive Plastics

$95.00-$105.00 co-pay

network provider

Custom Progressive Plastics

$150.00 - $175.00 co-pay

for coverage amounts




Contact Lenses

$130.00 Allowance


(instead of contacts)

Up to $60.00 co-pay for your

Up to $105.00


contact lens exam (fitting and








Laser Vision Correction

15% off retail price - or - 5% off



promotional price










Once every 12 months



Once every 24 months


Lenses or Contacts

Once every 12 months


(in lieu of plastic lenses)





To find the right eye care provider for you, visit or call 800/877-7195.


At your appointment, tell them you have VSP.  There is no ID card required.








Value-Added Benefits - Exclusive to VSP members: All VSP members are automatically enrolled at no charge:

  • Extra $40 to spend on featured frame brands, please click here
  • TruHearing Hearing Aid Discount Program, please click here
  • Primary Eyecare, please click here

Waiver Option: An employee may opt out of the vision plan; however, there is no biweekly credit for this benefitNote:  To refer to the Vision Plan Summary for a benefits comparison, please click here. For additional Plan information, please refer to the Ave Maria Employee Health Plan Wrap Document, click here.