Human Resources is strongly committed to supporting all staff members' success throughout every stage of your employment.

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Human Resources is committed to supporting all staff members' success throughout every stage of your employment. We utilize our expertise and knowledge in this field as a firm ethical foundation to successfully resolve the daily challenges that arise within any organization. The Human Resources Team strives to use current HR best practices to address and resolve today's constantly evolving business needs.

HR guarantees complete confidentiality, trustworthiness, and integrity in all situations for both employers and employees. It is our goal to be helpful and caring; and we strive to treat all employees with dignity and respect. Human Resources promotes the positive development of employee and employer relations whenever possible. We try to foster optimum communication between employee and employer, leading to a more productive and integrated work environment. Whether life brings a new baby or a death in the family; a spouse losing their benefits, or a child getting their own benefited job, we strive to be there for you to help answer your questions and/or address your concerns.

Human Resources provides excellence in service and support to all employers and employees in the following areas:

      • Benefits Administration
      • Compliance Management
      • Hiring
      • Compensation
      • HR Information Systems Management
      • Orientation and Onboarding
      • Payroll
      • Employee Relations
      • Labor Laws and Legal Compliance
      • Employee Retention
      • Policy Formulation
      • Conflict Management
      • Organizational Development
      • Project Management
      • Change Management
      • Workers' Compensation

We are dedicated to providing exceptional service to the following employees and employer groups:

      • Ave Maria Communications
      • Ave Maria Fine Art Gallery
      • Domino's Farms Corporation
      • Domino's Farms Petting Farm

      • Legatus
      • The Ave Maria Foundation
      • Thomas More Law Center
      • Ave Maria University

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