Human Resources is strongly committed to supporting all staff members' success throughout every stage of your employment.


The following is a list of State-specific Compliance Posters as it pertains to Federal and State requirements. It is incumbent upon each employee to review the information contained in the poster for their State; the posters will be updated as Federal and State requirements are modified. Employees using this website as a reference of their State-Specific Compliance Poster will be asked to sign an Employee Acknowledgment form once they have completed reading their work state's poster. The completed and signed Employee Acknowledgment form is required to be on file with the Human Resources Department.


In accordance with regulations of the Small Business Administration, the organizations listed below are compliant and practicing all requirements related to equal opportunity employment and the equal treatment of clients:

              • Ave Maria Art Gallery

              • Ave Maria Foundation

              • Domino's Farms Corporation

              • Domino's Farms Petting Farm

              • Legatus

If you would like to read the Small Business Administration's complete statement of policy please click on the following link: